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Organic Cashew Crusted Chicken


Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Soy Sesame

Salad or No Salad:House Salad No Salad
No:No Cashew Crust No Soy Sesame Sauce No Snap Pea
Extra:Extra Cashew Crust Extra Soy Sesame Sauce Extra Garlic Mashed +4
Seafood Add-Ons:Add 1 Sauteed Shrimp +5.75Add 1 Pan Seared Scallop +10Add 3 Grilled Shrimp +17.25Add 3 Blackened Shrimp +17.50Add 3 Pan Seared Scallops +30Add 3 Blackened Scallops +31.50Add 2 Grilled Shrimp, 2 Scallops +31Add Crab Cake +24Add 1/2lb King Crab, Deshelled +47.50Add 1/2lb King Crab, In Shell +47.50Add 1lb King Crab, Deshelled +95Add 1lb King Crab, In Shell +95Add 1 Pound Lobster Tail +75Add 1 Pound Stuffed Lobster Tail +85Add 12oz Tempura Lobster Tail +75Add 8oz Lobster Tail +41Add 8oz Stuffed Lobster Tail +50Add 8oz Tempura Lobster Tail +46Add 8oz Salmon +28Add 4oz Salmon Maryland Style +27Oscar Style +32Bearnaise Sauce +5+ 3 Blackened Scallops +31.50
Add Protein L:Add Grilled Chicken +12Add Blackened Chicken +12Add 4oz Grilled Salmon +16Add 8oz Grilled Salmon +32Add 4oz Blackened Salmon +16Add 8oz Blackened Salmon +32Add 3 Piece Blackened Shrimp +17.50Add 1 Grilled Shrimp +5.75Add 3 Piece Grilled Shrimp +17.50Add 3 Piece Shrimp Cocktail +17.50Add 3 Scallops +30Add 3 Blackened Scallops +30Add 1/2lb Crab, Steamed and Deshelled +47.50Add 1/2lb Crab, Chilled and Deshelled +47.50Add Crab Cake +23
Allergy Types:Dairy Allergy Egg Allergy Fish Allergy Gluten Allergy Nightshade Allergy Peanut Allergy Severe Gluten Allergy, Celiac Shellfish Allergy Soy Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Allergy Allergy

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