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Nordic salmon


Pasta Sauce:Alfredo +2Alfredo Twirl +2.75Beurre Blanc Beurre Blanc Twirl +2.50Blush +2Blush Twirl +2.50Bolognese +5Bolognese Twirl +2.50Diavola +1Diavolo Twirl +2Garlic Oil Twirl Mainara Marinara Twirl Olive Oil Spicy Marinara +1Spicy Marinara Twirl +1.75Truffle Cream +4Truffle Cream Twirl +2.50Vodka sauce +4Vodka Twirl +3
Pasta Type:Cavatappi Gluten Free Pasta +2Orecchiette +1Papperdelle Penne Spaghetti Vegetable Noodles +4Wheat Pasta
Salad or No Salad:Side Salad No Salad
No:No Artichoke No Capers No Tomato No Kalamata Olives No Feta No Beurre Blanc No Basil Oil
Extra:Extra Artichoke +3Extra Caper +2Extra Tomato +2Extra Kalamata Olives +2Extra Feta +2
Add Protein TB:Add 3 Piece Blackened Shrimp +17.50Add 3 Grilled Shrimp +17.50Add Blackened Chicken +9Add Grilled Chicken +9Add Breaded Chicken +11Add 4oz Grilled Salmon +14Add 4oz Blackened Salmon +14Add 8oz Grilled Salmon +28Add 8oz Blackened Salmon +28Add Jumbo Shrimp +5.75Add Blackened Shrimp +5.75Add Rock Shrimp +15Add Meatball +7Add Anchovies +4.50Add Chickpeas +3.50Add Pine Nuts +2Add Pistachio +2Add Scallop +10Lobster +20
Pizza Toppings:Artichokes +3Banana Pepper +2Basil +2Broccolini +11Caramelized Onion +2Crispy Prosciutto +5Dressed Arugala +3Fresh Mozzarella +3Goat Cheese +3Green Peppers +2Jalapeno +2Mushroom +2Olives +2Pepperoni +2Red Onion +2Roasted Red Pepper +2Sausage +3Shredded Mozzarella +2Spinach +2Stuffed Pepper +3Truffle Honey +5Undressed Arugula +2.50Vegan Cheese +3Prosciutto
General Instructions:DON'T MAKE *SEE SERVER* *ON THE FLY* *As An App *As A Salad *As An Entree Split Appetizer Split Salad Split Entree Split Dessert No Char Light Char Extra Char Extra Crispy Extra Hot Extra Salt Extra Spicy Extra Sauce Sauce on Side No Sauce Baked Broiled Fried Grilled Blackened Mild Plain Poached Sauteed Sliced Spicy Steamed Toasted Well Done Late Add Togo* Dressing On Side
Allergy Types:Dairy Allergy Egg Allergy Fish Allergy Gluten Allergy Nightshade Allergy Peanut Allergy Severe Gluten Allergy, Celiac Shellfish Allergy Soy Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Allergy