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Ken Stewart's Lodge

Ken's Chicken Parmesan Pizza


No:No Marinara No Mozzarella No Basil No Honey No Grated Parmesan No Red Pepper Flakes
Extra:Extra Marinara +5Extra Mozarella +2Extra Basil Extra Truffle Honey +3Extra Grated Parmesan Extra Red Pepper Flakes
General Instructions:DON'T MAKE *SEE SERVER* *ON THE FLY* *As An App *As A Salad *As An Entree Split Appetizer Split Salad Split Entree Split Dessert No Char Light Char Extra Char Extra Crispy Extra Hot Extra Salt Extra Spicy Extra Sauce Sauce on Side No Sauce Baked Broiled Fried Grilled Blackened Mild Plain Poached Sauteed Sliced Spicy Steamed Toasted Well Done Late Add Togo* Dressing On Side
Allergy Types:Dairy Allergy Egg Allergy Fish Allergy Gluten Allergy Nightshade Allergy Peanut Allergy Severe Gluten Allergy, Celiac Shellfish Allergy Soy Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Allergy Allergy