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Traditional Cocktails - Beer And Liquor- Online Ordering
Ken Stewart's Lodge



Liquor Instructions:Do Not Make Chilled Glass Light Simple Extra Simple
Liquor Modifier:On The Rocks Neat Dirty Extra Dirty Slightly Dirty Dry Perfect Manhattan On Puck Hot Rocks Stirred and Up Straight Up Tall Gimlet Negroni
Liquor Mixers and Garnishes:Soda +0.50Tonic +0.50Water Coke +0.50Diet Coke +0.50Ginger Ale +0.50Sprite +0.50Cranberry +1Ginger Beer +1Grapefruit +1Pineapple +1Orange Juice +1Lemon Juice Lime Juice Red Bull +5Sour Mix +0.50Olives Anchovy Olives +0.50Bleu Cheese Olives Cherry Cipollini Onion Lemon Twist Orange Twist Salt Rim Sugar Rim Coffee +2
Gin Upcharge:Benham's +1.50Bombay Sapphire Hendricks +1.50Tanqueray 10 +1.50